Managed Hosting

Venyu's managed hosting solution is all about choices and options: hardware, manpower,
bandwidth, security – all onsite at our commercial grade data centers.

Run High Availability IT with Venyu’s Managed Hosting Solutions

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We Custom Tailor a Solution for You

We know that owning and maintaining server hardware are two separate issues, so we take a customized consultative approach to hosting solutions. Our goal is to give you a wide range of choices so we can meet your specific managed hosting needs.

Even better, our managed hosting solutions remove the maintenance burden while providing the hardware monitoring and management control your business requires. Either way, your team benefits from our deep experience and understanding of how best to maintain and run an efficient, high availability IT environment. The benefits of our managed server and hosting solutions span the following services:

System Administration

  • Minimize Utilization of Internal IT Resources – Venyu's highly-trained staff of engineers will handle your system administration and maintenance tasks, so your company is able to focus internal IT Resources on other more business-critical / revenue-focused activities.
  • Improve Response Time – Since our data center facility is located on-site, our engineers are best able to respond to your task requests in a timely manner.
  • Reduce associated costs and risks – Depending on the size of your company's internal IT staff (if applicable), Venyu managed hosting solutions can provide your company with a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional internal IT staff, and/or increasing the related workload.
  • Leverage Venyu's knowledge and experience – Venyu's team of engineers have years of experience in system administration and maintenance, and remove all of the complexities related to the on-going operation of your company's business critical systems.

Firewall and Security

Venyu provides comprehensive, firewall services which enable a new level of advanced security solutions for your company's IT infrastructure needs. Venyu firewall services are based on a fully-redundant set of industry-leading platforms, while also being closely integrated with the Venyu Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to enable secure access to your applications from anywhere. Our highly trained staff is on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that your assets are safe and secure, and to provide a timely-response in case of problems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully-Redundant, Secured, Industry-Leading Infrastructure – Venyu minimizes risk by protecting your servers and related IT infrastructure with the industry leading firewall hardware/software. The firewall platform is configured with fully redundant clusters, further reducing the risk (and related costs) of unscheduled downtime.
  • Fully-Managed Updates – As your hosting provider, Venyu fully manages the firewalls, from rule changes to updates. Updates are important to secure the firewall against the most recently known exploits.
  • Extensive Scalability – Venyu-managed firewall services easily scale as your IT infrastructure's size and related needs evolve. Regardless of whether you have five or fifty servers, Venyu firewall services can provide the highest-levels of protection for your managed server environment.
  • Close integration with Venyu managed VPN services – Venyu-managed firewall services seamlessly integrate with the Venyu-managed VPN service, so you can securely connect to your internal IT infrastructure from any Internet-enabled location.
  • Minimal Technology Investment – Venyu's fully managed firewall solution is designed to minimize your company's up-front and on-going technology investment. Venyu maintains all firewall hardware/software within our on-site data center facilities to deliver a secure managed hosting environment.

System Monitoring

  • Decrease overall downtime by maximizing system(s) availability and performance
  • Improve efficient utilization of hardware and management resources
  • Proactively prevent system-related overloads and incidents
  • Automated incident resolution to increase productivity
  • Increased access, reliability, and satisfaction for end-users